Make your Wedding an Exceptional and Unique Experience!

What are you dreaming of?

  • a big and glittering party with many guests?
  • a wedding in intimate surroundings?
  • a wedding ceremony apart from churches or registry offices with a wedding orator?
  • Celebrating your partnership?
  • Marrying despite different confessions or previous divorces?
  • a classic civil and/or church wedding?

Individually adjusted to your dreams, wishes and expectation I am happy to assist you with any detail of your wedding

  • Initial meeting (free of charge)
  • Ongoing consultation / support
  • Developement of concepts
  • Planning
  • Recommendation of and cooperation with third-party service providers
  • Organisation
  • Budget preparation and control
  • Support and supervision of the whole event on the day of the wedding

Classic Wedding

Traditional Tyrolean Wedding

Marry in Close Touch with Nature

Pick a Wedding Theme

Your exceptional wedding

Celebrate your Wedding in Style

Celebrate a Classic Wedding

Make your wedding a timeless experience!

Marry, for example, at the scenic church in Kronburg

Located on a hill overlooking the valley of Landeck, right under the ancient fortress Kronburg, this church is the perfect venue for a classical church wedding.
Right beside the church is the Gasthof Kronburg, a small and traditional restaurant – an excellent spot for some snacks right after church or also for your reception.

Unforgettable wedding pictures at the lake Trams

Locals know and love the recreational area around the lake Trams. The beautiful nature boasts numerous places for unforgettable and romantic wedding pictures.

Permanent wedding ceremony in Sigmundsried Castle in Ried im Oberinntal.

Permanent wedding ceremony in Schloss Landeck.

Schloss Landeck offers a romantic ambience. The marriage is possible in the courtroom, or in the gothic hall.

A wedding ceremony in one of the many beautiful municipal offices

A church wedding in Tyrol ...

And subsequent celebration in the Kaunergrat nature park with a breathtaking view of the Upper Court ...

Celebrate a Traditional Tyrolean Wedding

Celebrate your original „Tyrolean Wedding“ wearing a traditional Dirndl dress.


A traditional wedding feast ... Trofana Tyrol

In the Trofana Tyrol, the stage, the dance floor as well as the bar are located directly in the large festival hall, the typical „Tyrolean stadelambiente“.

Marry in Close Touch with Nature

Fresh ideas for your outdoor wedding:

  • On a summit hut with a stunning view over the surrounding mountains
  • Close to a beautiful Tyrolean lake
  • On a glacier after a ride with the wedding-gondola
  • On a dreamy mountain meadow or on a forest clearing
  • On a scenic farm

A winter wedding in Tyrol ...

Romantic snow-capped mountain lakes and deep snowy peaks, this is perfect for all nature-bound bridal couples.

On a dreamy mountain meadow …

This alp is remote and very romantic. You can celebrate your wedding and your wedding feast there.

On a summit hut … Venet Gipfelhütte Zams

... with a stunning view over the surrounding mountains.

Pick a Wedding Theme

Many couples organise their big day around a special theme, matching their hobbies or interests.


  • Vintage inspired weddings
  • For Ever and Ever
  • Medieval weddings
  • Fairytale weddings
  • Soccer weddings
  • Weddings on motorbikes
  • Underwater weddings

a fairytale inspired wedding

a vintage inspired wedding

a wedding theme

Or a romantic winter wedding, as here at the Arlberg in the famous Hospiz Alm

Your exceptional wedding

  • Marry at moonlight
  • Marry underwater
  • Marry at a mountain summit after a skiing tour or after a hike up the mountain
  • Marry on a white-water-raft or in a balloon high up in the air
  • Marry right before or after a parachute descend

Event Location Bergisel

Sports venue, SKY - restaurant und a breathtaking event location to declare your vows to each other!

Marry in a balloon high up in the air

„Love is in the air“ ...

Marry underwater …

... if diving is one of your hobbies or you love unconventional ideas.

Or a free wedding with wedding speakers, as here at the Gampen in St. Anton

„Tyrolean elegant“

The world-famous, German couple living in Istanbul told me that they love nature, stylish ambience, excellent food and exquisite drinks. It was to be a fancy, but also a lively wedding feast - and to Tyrol they had always had a special connection! Quickly the motto was found "Tyrolean elegant", it pulled through the entire concept. Starting with the tasteful, specially created logo of the bride and groom, the location and the excellent choice of food, the wedding cake, the wedding candle, the fire show, the decoration, to the guest present (gingerbread, lovingly baked according to an old family recipe).

An important task was to find an impressive place for the free wedding with wedding speakers and different accommodation possibilities for the 100 international wedding guests of the honorary couple.

In the evening, a cozy "come together" with Tyrolean specialty dishes was organized on a cozy hut. On the 30th of July 2016, after 6 months of planning time, the romantic wedding took place on the terrace of the restaurant in the mountains. It was the perfect marriage place, in bad weather we would also have found a unique alternative. My bridal couple was the first to have the YES word. Many of the couple's guests later recounted that they were breathless when they arrived in the newly built location.

For my network partners and me it was a challenge with their equipment (the sound system, the 30m long white carpet, the decoration and the 3-storey wedding stave) with the 4-chairlift to the place of marriage on 1850 meters. There was no other way possible. Of course, the guests and partner companies were kept well informed about the essentials, the procedure and the circumstances.
Due to the exact calculation, no costs have, of course, been exceeded. A very important part on the child-rich wedding was the animation and care of the little ones. She was taken over by responsible nurses, who later also brought the children to bed and stayed with them. This made it possible for the adults to celebrate relaxed and relaxed.
With anticipation I supported the maids with the implementation of their very successful show act.

My idea, a wedding candle with 5 wicks, which should symbolize the togetherness of bride, groom and their 3 children, was very well received. M & Ms made a lot of fun with the initials of the wedding parade. All present and not only the children loved this present. The babies were not too short. Since the bride in the surname before the wedding was called "fox", they were given small stuffed animal foxes.

An absolute highlight was when the bride and groom came to the surprise of everyone on a wheel loader at the famous Alm, which was exclusively available for the wedding company.

The ideas and desires of the wedding couple were also very well received after the many amiable, confirming feedbacks.

But it was not just for the celebrations that it was a picture book wedding, but also for a non-profit organization!
Already in the run-up was asked to donate to this important institution instead of giving the socially engaged bridal couple on the wedding day. It helps internationally disadvantaged, traumatized children.

Photos by Forma Photogarphie


Celebrate your Wedding in Style

  • at the Hofburg in Innsbruck
  • at a stylish and luxurious hotel in Tyrol
  • on a boat
  • in a castle or on a fortress

The Arlberg Hospiz Hotel*****

Marrying at the traditional and original Arlberg Hospiz Hotel***** is beyond comparison. The hotel's brotherhood chapel provides enough space for about 60-90 guests. Due to movable partitions the bars and restaurants at the Arlberg Hospiz Hotel can be individually combined. Up to 240 guests can be hosted at your wedding. 

The „Hospiz Alm“…

Marrying at a celebrity hotspot

on a boat

... a skipper can hold your wedding ceremony.

at a designer hotel in Tyrol